Sunday, September 25, 2011

At Last!!

It's been quite some time since I have blogged, and quite a lot has happened!  I got to meet Ms. Amy W. while she was here in Charlotte for a work thing.  It was really nice to finally meet her in person, though I can honestly say that I felt like I knew her already, just from reading her blog.  She is just as great in person as she is in blog!  I also got to meet Heather.  We talked a lot about our bands... She let me feel her up - well.... her port baby, anyway.... We talked about my upcoming wedding, exercise, getting stuck, etc.  It was great!  

These past few weeks at work have been ridiculously stressful for me.  I never again want to go through a merger.  I have been in all kinds of training, totally new systems, etc etc.  I know that once it's done, it will most likely be for the better, but for now.... bleh.

On a brighter note... today is officially weigh in day, and I came in at 287.7!  I honestly did a double take when I saw it~haha.  I was like... wait... I GAINED?!!!  Then I realized that it was an 8 in the middle and not a 9.  Oh happy day!  I have been doing well with this adjustment.  One thing that I have realized, however, is that the days that I'm not eating ENOUGH food are actually worse on me than the days that I splurge and eat crap.  Not that I splurge all that often, but my point is that it's just as bad for your body to eat too few calories as when you eat way too many.  That's something that has been difficult for me to adjust to.

Wedding plans are coming along nicely.  Yesterday was my official 6 month mark in the countdown.  I went last weekend with my Maid of Honor to try on wedding dresses.  And... I cried~haha.  Not because I found "the dress", because I'm not sure that I did, but because I couldn't believe how nice my body looked in those dresses, and the fact that I was able to fit a 22, when last time I was in a bridal shop (for a prom dress) I had to buy a 32.  Yeah... 32... in HIGH SCHOOL.  Too much.  I will be heading to another store on October 8th (which also just happens to be my birthday!) to try on some other dresses along with my mom, stepmom, bridesmaids, and my stepsister.  I can't wait!  Though my mom and I usually disagree more often than not, I know that I could never pick out a dress without her there.  It must be a Southern thing.

And... last but not least... I would like to discuss loose skin.  While I am supremely happy about the weight I have lost, my loose skin has really been causing me some problems.  I know it's not the most pleasant thing in the world to talk about, but I just wanna put it out there for anyone else having issues.  I have a severe yeast infection on the skin right above my hoo-ha where my stomach skin hangs over and is rubbing there.  Severe enough that I went to urgent care yesterday because it was so painful.  They gave me diflucan, which is what they also prescribe for vaginal yeast, and told me to get some Monistat cream (also for vaginal yeast) and rub it over the infected area.  If haven't been using it long enough to tell a difference yet, but I will let you all know how it goes.  I have some pictures, but I will not be sharing them on here because of the location.  I will, however be sharing them with my surgeon when I go back for my next fill so that it can be documented.  Things like that can help you qualify for skin removal with your insurance company so that it isn't considered purely cosmetic.

So.. I will keep you ladies posted on the wedding plans and other issues... we'll see how it all works out! =)  I hope you all are enjoying the nice season change (Fall and Winter are my FAVORITE seasons... I hate the summer!!!). 


  1. I'm with you ... I am one of those people who, will gain weight or stagnate, if I don't get in enough calories. Crazy !

  2. Hi! How are you? Where did you go? Are you ok? :)