Monday, July 25, 2011

Well Hello There!

First off, I want to say "Hiiiiiii" to all of my new followers, and also give Amy W. a big thank you for sending some love my way =)

So, to catch all of the newbies up to speed, I will tell you a tiny bit about myself.  I have deemed Sundays to be my official weigh in day, so I always try to post my progress shortly thereafter.  I am 23 years old, and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I am getting married in March 2012 to the most wonderful man in the world!  My starting weight was 352 lbs in November 2010 (I am 5'7), and I was banded on May 16th, 2011.  My ultimate goal number is 170, but I will honestly be happy with whatever my body decides.  Anything is better and much more healthy than where I began.

Now on to the fun stuff!  I weighed in yesterday at 301.8 =)  Finally over that 50 pound mark!!!  So... I treated myself with a little shopping (in my opinion, any excuse to go shopping is a good one, but losing 50 pounds is one of the best excuses I have ever heard).  I got some really cute shoes and a few new tops.  It's hard to restrain myself when I go shopping... especially now.  I am so excited about all of the things that fit me and actually look good, it's hard to remember that I *hopefully* won't be needing them very long... so I try to stick with the basics and things that I can mix and match.

I did get a fill last week, and let me just say... I love my new doctor!  He really takes the time to listen to what's going on with me, and he is very up front and honest.  My band will hold 11 CC's of fluid, and after last weeks fill I am at 6.5 CC's.  I definitely have some restriction back, which I am happy for.  For the last few weeks I was feeling like nothing had ever changed.  I could eat whatever, whenever without a second though.  It was hard the first few days after the fill, though.  After being unrestricted for a few weeks, I had to reteach myself to CHEW my food and SLOW DOWN.  Tonight jumpstarts my Zumba craze.  Daniel (my fiance) bought me Zumba for Wii at Christmas, and it has been sitting in a drawer collecting dust ever since.  Well, I decided that I am going to get down into the 200's, and the sooner I can get there, the better!  I want to be a sexy mamacita for my wedding!  

I am going to put a few pix of last weeks' shopping expedition... Let me know what you think!

New shirt!  (Same size 24 pants as last time, but I am starting to get boy crotch, so I think it may be time to move on to some 22's!)

New shoes!  All of my others make it sound like I am wearing flip flops bc they are TOO BIG =)  I bought 2 other pairs, but I thought these were the cutest =)


  1. Love the shoes!

  2. Hi Nat! I'm a new follower. Looking forward to following your progress and be some support. I get banded 8/10! Can't wait!!

  3. Cute shoes! I'm one of your newest followers!

  4. Love the shoes too! and I'm such a follower!

  5. I am not a bander but a Weight Watcher. Congrats on the weight loss. You can follow me too! :)

  6. Amy W sent me ! Nat - you are a cutie pie ! Shoes and all ! :) Keep up the great work !

  7. Hi Nat! You are doing great! Congrats on the 50 lbs. AND being so close to TWOnesia! Awesome!

    I was banded in February 2010 and have lost 114 lbs. I am now at goal. Stop by

  8. Hi Nat!! Just read Amy W.'s blog and came right on over. Just for the record.....I need those shoes...very CUTE!!!