Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting Over The Hump!!

Hello everyone!  Happy Hump Day =)

Since my last post, I FINALLY made it over "the hump".  You may ask "What hump are you talking about?!"  And to that I will say the 300 hump that's been haunting me!!  That's right, finally made it into the wonderful world of 200's, and I couldn't be happier!!  Well, maybe if I had skipped the 2's and went straight to the 100's... maybe then I would be a *little* happier... but beggers can't be choosers.  I haven't seen my weight starting with the number 2 since my freshman year in college.  My eyes actually teared up a little this morning when I looked down and saw that glorious number on my scale! 

So, last week I passed all of my too-big clothes on to a good friend of mine.  I had considered trying to sell them on Craigslist, as I am a shop-o-holic and still had lots of things with TAGS STILL ON THEM.  But, in the end, I decided it would be best to get on the good side of karma and see where it takes me.  Well, lo and behold, another of my good friends (who was banded about a year before me) messaged me and offered up her too-big clothes ranging from 20-24... which is EXACTLY what I am needing right now.  I love the little things that make the world go around =)

Daniel and I are counting down the days til our glorious VACATION!!!!  10, that's right, count them *10* wonderful, amazing, carefree, WORK free, house work free days at the beach, and I can't wait!!!  Just 16 days away =)  His family has been so kind as to let us use their condo, as we are trying to save up money for our wedding (which is only 8 short months away!), so that was also a nice little nudge and a wink from the karma fairy.  

Speaking of our wedding... last week we celebrated our FIVE YEAR anniversary =)  They were definitely not the easiest five years, we have had our hard times, ramen noodle dinners, sicknesses, job stress, money stress, family stress, and all of the other crazy things that come with a relationship.. but at the same time we have had wonderful weekends, fun vacations, great friends, and are very successful (in my opinion, anyway) for people our age.  We have always made it through everything stronger, and made it together.  I can't wait til March 24 when I can call myself his WIFE! =)  

Okay... enough of the sappiness... I hope you guys have a GREAT week =)  I will try to stay sane while I am on my vacay countdown.  I can't wait!


  1. Hey Nat - awesome job!!!! That is such a huge, huge accomplishment! What a great way to celebrate hump day!!!! And I totally feel you on the wedding countdown. My husband and I were married in Sept.2009, and it was such a special time - so congrats! If you love blogs, my fave wedding blog is called, they are AWESOME. Lots of DIY stuff, and they have a really active community as well. It was a wonderful place when I was planning. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

  2. I loved your entire post !! I love sap !! I am all about vacations too ... in fact, I work for vacations :) Keep up the awesome work and congrats on the scale - it is TWO-reffic !

  3. Thank you ladies! And Cece- I LOVE weddingbee!!! I am on there all the time. I am doing a lot of DIY for my wedding, as our families aren't able to help us financially for the wedding. But that's okay, because I love DIY projects!

  4. A post full of happiness!!!! Thanks for brightening my day!!!!