Saturday, August 20, 2011

Update Please?!

A few people have asked for an update on last weeks post.  So... here it is =)  

The more I thought about my visit to the podiatrist and EVERYTHING that went wrong with them, the more irritated I got.  So... I called and asked to speak to the office manager on Monday.  I told her the laundry list of things that had gone on from the first automated call to the last call to Daniel's phone.  She was extremely apologetic about everything and asked if she could call me back in a few minutes.  I wasn't really sure why.. but I agreed.  Well, when she called back, she said that she had both of the medications for you at no cost, and we will be happy to send them in the mail to you so that you don't have to make another trip over here.  So.. yay!  I doubt I will go back, just on principal, but it was nice to be heard.

Next on the agenda, my "visitor".  After just  days on the NuvaRing, she decided to pack her suitcase and go back wherever she came from.. haha =)  And now after about a week, my moods have stabilized (no more crazy lady) and my energy level has definitely increased.  I can honestly say that I am very happy with the choice to switch.

Since I haven't really talked about my band lately, I will give you all an update on that.  On Sunday, my official weigh in was 297 =)  No as much progress as I had been hoping for lately, but I have no one but myself to blame for that one.  I have been naughty... and drinking soda has been my number one crime!  Not even diet soda , but full on... 240 calories per can... glorious sugary Mountain Dew.  I noticed that my band no longer had restriction... I was able to eat anything and EVERYTHING I wanted.  Not good.  I have really been focusing on my water intake this week.  It's still not where it should be, but it's a lot better than it has been!  I am also guilty of drinking during and shortly after my meals.  Also not good.  My lapband doctor explained that this helps to wash your food down, and when you have something like the band in place to help hold your food in the top pouch for an extended period of time to help you stay fuller longer... this kind of defeats the purpose, huh?  So, you guys have my commitment to work on those two things.  My success obviously depends on it, considering the fact that I actually gained weight in the last 2 weeks.

On a brighter note:  Today starts my 10 day vacation!!  Daniel and I are heading to the beach on Sunday morning and staying through next Sunday =)  We haven't had any sort of vacation since last October, so we are both REALLY looking forward to it!  I am having a yard sale in the morning to clean out some junk from my house and hopefully get some gas money for said vacation~haha.  I am also considering heading down to the arts district (NoDa)  tonight to set up a cupcake table.  I had planned to go Friday night, but the weather channel said it was supposed to rain, so I didn't bake anything.  Do you think it rained?  HECK NO!  There was not a cloud in the sky and it was a nice 78 degrees outside.  Perfect cupcaking weather~haha.  So, maybe tonight I will have some luck, we'll see how it goes.

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