Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Lost Teenager

My two week check up was on Thursday.  According to the scale at the doctors office I was down 16lbs since May 2nd (the beginning of my 2 week liquid diet), so that was nice.  My surgeon said that my incisions were healing nicely, and he gave me some good ideas for some mushy foods to eat.  I have been having problems even eating things as mild as yogurt.  I am having a LOT of gas (burping), so I think my tummy just doesn't know what to do when food gets down there...

Anyway... today is official weigh in day.  *drum roll please*  317.7 =)  So, down 3 pounds from last week!  My surgeon said to expect/aim for 2 pounds/week... so I am very pleased with 3.  Just think... even if I did only lose 2lbs/week... that's 104 pounds in a year.  THAT'S LIKE LOSING A TEENAGER!!!!! (And let's face it... I'm sure all of us have wanted to get rid of a teenager at some point or another...)

We did some yard demolition today with a little help (okay, a LOT of help) from my Dad.  We have been wanting to get rid of some bushes and a few small trees since we bought our house last February (2010), so we finally got to it!  We are having the house painted in two weeks, and I can't wait to see it all come together!  Added bonus:  a pretty good work out for me today, picking up branches and such =)

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