Thursday, June 23, 2011

NOT What I Signed Up For

I went to Virginia this weekend to spend Father's Day with my Dad =)  I had a three day weekend, and took full advantage.  I got to spend the entire day on Monday with one of my two best friends.  I love it when you can go months without seeing someone, but the second you are back together, it's like you haven't missed any time at all.  

I bought some cute new clothes at Cato.  I haven't been in one of those stores in a while because the sizes are always irregular and a lot of the clothes are poor quality.  Well, Lane Bryant seems to have the same issue on the quality issue, and quite frankly, I am tired of paying $60 for a pair of pants that I now will only be able to wear for a month or so.  The cute outfit I got at LB last week cost as much as a really nice dress (nice enough to wear as a guest to a wedding, but I could also wear it to work), 3 shirts for work, a skirt for work, and a sundress for lounging around the house in all from Cato.  Maybe I will add some pix soon... we'll see~haha.

Also, because I was in VA, I didn't have a chance to do my official Sunday weigh in.  However, I was 311.1 on Tuesday, which is down 3.9 pounds from last Sunday!  I was very pleased with that, especially since this week my "monthly visitor" decided to move in.  I have always had ridiculously irregular periods, sometimes going 6 months or more without having one at all (which is what happened this time - I haven't had one since Christmas).  So, when my visitor finally decides to show up, she brings the wrath of her six month absence with her.  I actually had to leave work today to come home and sleep because I was cramping so badly and I was having to "change" about once an hour... this is NOT what I signed up for when I decided to have surgery-haha!  They said that one of the many positive things that come from LapBand is that it will help you get on a more regular schedule if you have previously been irregular.  It also allows people who were previously unable to conceive to be able to have children.  I guess the excess weight puts too much stress on the female organs, so losing the excess weight and the raging hormones that come with weight loss kind of put your body in baby-makin' overdrive.  No thanks.  The only thing I have found so far in life that I like about children is the fact that I can give them back to whomever they belong to when I get annoyed with them.  That may change as I get older, but for right now, that's not on my immediate agenda.

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