Sunday, June 12, 2011

WHAT is THAT???!

Wow, I didn't realize until just now that it has been an entire week since I posted.  Bad me!  This week has been going really well, I have moved into regular foods, I just have to remember to chew, chew, chew!  I am starting to find the foods that don't work well for me, and those that do.  For example:  I can't really handle chicken breasts anymore unless it is smothered in some kind of sauce or cheese (really healthy, right?) because people tend to cook it too long and make it too dry.  I can, however, handle chicken nuggets.  Chick-fil-a is the easiest for me.... which I am NOT going to complain about considering that it's my favorite place to eat in the entire WORLD!!!  (Ok, that might be pushing it... but it's darn close!).

Today is the official weigh in.... 315.0 =)  Alllllmost 3 pounds down from last week.  2.7 to be exact!  I am getting to the point now where I have learned for the most part how much I will be able to eat.  Great!  Just in time for my first fill up!  Now I get to start the learning process all over again!  I have my one month check up on Wednesday.  My doctor probably won't do a fill that day, be he said he would see how I am progressing and go from there.

Ok, so enough about my band... a little more about my personal life.  Daniel (my fiance) and I are getting married in March 2012.  Last night we went to the wedding of one of my co-workers.  Believer it or not, but at the age of 23, it was the first real wedding I have ever been to.  Sure, I have been to weddings before, but they have been in someones back yard or the local church, and the reception consisted of all of the guests bringing a dish of some sort (mac and cheese, potato salad, green beans, etc etc), and we just ate what they brought.  Sounds more like a family reunion or something, right?  So, you can imagine how difficult it has been trying to make wedding plans when I have never even been to a wedding where the word "venue" is used and not "Aunt Susan's back yard".  We had a really good time.  It was at a local winery, and very beautiful (hot as hell, but that's another story).  Daniel actually danced with me (I was VERY surprised), I got to see people from work outside of the norm.  It was nice.  Now I have a few realistic ideas and I'm not trying to plan my wedding based off of some TV show on the Women's Entertainment network =).  

And... my last thought for the day.  Last night when we got home from the wedding and I was in the bathroom changing my clothes for bed.  Well, I just happened to be looking in the mirror while I was putting my pants on... and all I could thing was "OMG!!! WHAT IS THAT???!!"  I don't know how I have yet to notice this.. but my inner thigh has completely DEFLATED!  On one hand, this is great news... it means I am definitely losing inches.  But, as a woman, you KNOW this was not my first though.  All I could think of was a balloon that had been blown up waaaay too much, and then someone let all of the air out.  Yes, that is correct, I am comparing my inner thigh to a used up wrinkly balloon.  After having a mini meltdown (only about 30 seconds, and I was over it- I mean, I knew this was gonna happen, just didn't know it would be so soon!), I put my PJ's on and went on about my business.  Though I am sad about my wrinkly balloons, I can't help but smile.  My first really visible weight loss.  People have been telling me that they have noticed other parts, but I couldn't see it.  Trust me, I saw this!

Sorry for the super long post, I just had a lot to get out of my system.  I will try to break it up a little more next time instead of waiting an entire week to post =)

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