Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Few Loose Ends.... All Tied Up!

Today I had a few doctors appointments.  My Pre/Post Op information class was this morning.  Daniel (my fiance) was gracious enough to go with me.  This is the first time that he's been in one of the classes with me.  It was nice to be able to show him the little model of the banded stomach that they always have sitting on the desk.  I don't think he really understood until today exactly what was going to happen.  Also, I met with my anesthesiologist for a few last minute things.  Honestly, I'm not sure WHY I had to meet with him.... we went over questions that I have answered 10 times in the last week, and they gave me some body wash for the morning before surgery.  But... if it keeps me on the road to surgery, I will do what they ask.

Monday I had my final pre-op meeting with my surgeon.  He said everything looked great, he was happy to see I was already losing weight, and glad to see that I have been so persistent in keeping things on track (insurance-wise).  Then, he approached me with a question.  He has started doing his LapBand procedures a little differently, but only since January.  The banding is the same as always, but after that, he now takes the portion of the stomach that is under the band, and kind of folds it in on itself... then sews it together.  He says that he has found that it significantly reduces the chances of band slippage because it creates kind of a ... speed bump below the band.  It also increases weight loss because there is less stomach down below the band, so you still say full even longer.  He said it was my choice whether I decided on this option, or just regular banding.... I'm still not sure what I think about it.  BUT... I only have 4 days to figure it out, so I better start thinkin'!

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