Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Official!

Yesterday was the official beginning of my journey.  I got to the hospital at 5am, was rolling into surgery at 6:30am, and rolling out to the car in a wheelchair at 2pm.  Talk about getting someone in and out! 

I mostly slept yesterday... a lot of soreness and discomfort from the gas they use to blow up your stomach during surgery.  Daniel has been sooo wonderful through this.  Poor thing, today is his birthday, and what did he have to do first thing this morning?  First, hold my head over the trash while I threw up, then had to give me my anti-nausea meds.... *down there*..... that's right, a suppository.  If we can make it through that, I have not fears about our upcoming marriage~haha.

I forgot to post my official weigh in on Sunday.  I was in Virginia visiting my family for my cousins college graduation!  I was down to 328.5 on Sunday, today I am at 324.9.  I may post some pictures later on, but for now, I think it's sleepy time again...

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